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Object doesnt show in IDW


New member

I received some STEP files a while ago. I have opened these STEP, got rid of the translucency , saved as IPTs and used these in assemblies.

Now when I make an IDW of the objects, theres no problem. However, when I make an IDW of an assembly in which I used the objects, they don't show up!Other objects that I made myselfdo show, but they arefloating.

Allrenders are all fine though, except from the IDW. Tried different ways (such as saving as SAT files, resaving and reopening) The objects are made up from layers, but even when made into SAT (group & surfaces) they dissapear!

Any help is welcome, thanks a lot!
In the IDW, right click on the iam in the browser list and click "show all surfaces" or something very similar. I don't remember the exact terminology used.

It doesn't matter whether the source file is stp, iges, sat or whatever, surfaces are turned off by default in IDW's.

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