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Nvidia Quadro4 XGL and Wildfire


New member
I'm using that card with Wildfire on a Win2K box and I have had no problems. In fact, I also use Unigraphics and it's ok, too. I'm running my resolution at a very high 1600 x 1200 and I get no ghosting or any kind of shading problems.

Steve C
I'm having the same problem as well running a similar configuration. It appears that the little pieces that are droping out are generally small rounds. Nothing seems to help. I suspect it is a driver issue for the graphics card.
I've had this same problem (with a different hardware configuration than yours). Try to save the model and then redraw the screen. Doing this seems to fix my shading problem temporarily, until I start adding more features. Then it will start doing it again. I'm running an ATI 64 meg card Anyone have any ideas why this happens?
Good stuff... hammerpe

Now if anyone else is following this thread, can they show us how to make the setting automatically happen upon proe starting up?