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New member
Is there a way to add a note that references a datum points position relative to a coord system? I have to call out mounting positions on a vehicle and have been adding the data manually but occasionally I screw up.

I would like it to be parametric but suspect I would need bmx.

Also creating points relative to coord system is too slow?cumbersome (doesnt update).

Any ideas?


To solve the note problem turn on the option allow_anatomic_features YES, you now have Datum Evaluate features. Create a measurement of distances and store them. Now you can use the values in a parametric note. The attach points must have some geometry asoc with them. Create a point in the model crvxsrf or such using an axis and the surface of the mount. then show the points in a view on the drw and attach the parametric note to it.

Good luck.
What jake siad is highly parametric and powerful way of
utilizing th power of pro e, further try to use, tools,
hol/pont tables


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