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Notes Parrallel to screen?


New member
Is there anyway to create 3d notes and dimensions when modelling that
stay parrallel to the screen. ProE creates them automatically for
holes, but how can they be create manually?


New member
What version of Pro/E? WF2: In the Placement section of the Note dialog there is a check box labeled "Place Note Flat to Screen". Don't know 'bout previous versions...


New member
Thanks, and yes, I am using Wildfire 2. However, I thought all the note
placement was now through an annotation feature, and the "flat to
screen" option always seems to be grayed out. Using the Edit - Setup -
Notes menu (I assume this is what you mean) instead allows the flat to
screen box to be checked.




New member
SW said:
... note placement was now through an annotation feature ...
To the best of my scant knowledge it's not possible to do a "flat to screen" annotation. I noticed that as soon as you activate the "Flat to" check box a warning is printed to the message window; "Notes created flat to screen cannot be added to annotation features, nor ...".