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notes in design animation


does any fellow how can someone add a note/text during an animation?

i know that it can be possible in product view but i cannot find a way doing that in wf2 design animation

to understand better the issue, imagine that i want to drivean assembler with a video how to assembly a construction with instructions that will appear in selected frames, during the video playing



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Unfortunately I don't know how to do it in wildfire short of actually extruding some text and using transparency at time to bring it in when you want.. not the prettiest way to do it..<O:p></O:p>

Camtasia Studio is a 30day free download available from


and this allows you to do exactly what you want after you have your final rendered output


i have movie maker

i have imported my video of my assembly

i want my notes appeared for some seconds during assembly moving

how can someone do this in movie maker.... ?


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I'm not sitting at a PC With Windows XP at the moment but here's what I got from Microsoft..

With Movie Maker 2, in the Movie tasks pane, under Edit Movie, click Make titles or credits, select where in the movie you want the title, pick the animation style, and type the text.

hope this sorts you out..


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I have had success using 3d notes. It can be distracting to have a note trailing a body in motion, however.

I prefer to create a note free animation in WF2, then import it into MSPower Point adding text there, as required.


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Are you saying you add text in Power Point? To the exported Mpeg file? This does not appear to be a file I can modify in PowerPoint.
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You try seemage soft for impressive animation with notes and more (www.seemage.com).

Save your proe files with accelerate file (.xpr) and import it in seemage. When you save your model, seemage create a highly compressed 3d file (95%) wtihin all added informations (note, animation, predefined view, zoom,cutting plan...).

You can include the seemage file in a powerpoint or pdf. It is a true 3D, so during the animation you can still turn, zoom your model.

You must request a licence code to try it.

Look at the sample, you won't be disappointed.


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I just tried Camstasia Studio (trial version) with good result that was easily done. I have a couple of bitches: 1) the cations aren't in sync with the video, so any changes I make to the video require me changing the entire caption layout. 2)Exporting the video doesn't keep the same frame rate that the original video has. I was able to go through a different way and change the frame rate but needed to load the proper codec (into windows media player) in order to get the video to play. A bit of a P.I.T.A. if I'm sending to clients.

Other than that, the software worked great for me. I'd like to review other similar packages... I will give the seemage a look. I've also used Movie Maker with similar results a while ago.


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helo dears,

I am new at animation.In assy we mate the parts for proper placing. But In animation we connect the parts, by this they r not at their proper place as in assy.Plz guide me that, how can i mate the parts in animation.

If some ome have notes on animation plz send me at[email protected]. I shall be great thankful to u.