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Notes for standard holes in drawings

I am using standard holes and patterns of them.

In drawings, when note is placed it shows 3 decimal for all parameters, like tap drill, thread dia and so on.

I am working in metric system with 3 decimals in file.

Is there any option to control number of decimals for drawing hole notes independed from the rest of the model?

Thanks for your respond in advance.

Eugene Kocherovsky

CDE, Detroit, MI.


New member
In Wildfire you can manually define the note while you are creating the hole feature. Don't know what you can do in 2001.


New member
At the end of the dimension add [.x] where x is the no. of decimals. Say d1 should have 2 decimals then it should be d1[.2]


New member
Here is a technigue that works for 2001.

If you want drawing notes to read 1 or 2 decimal places:

While in drawing mode select:

FORMAT=>DECIMAL PLACES - set to desired value.

Now return to part mode and select:

FEATURE=>REDEFINE - select the hole you want to change. When the dialogue box appears, select the green check mark - do not change anything else.

Now the notes on the drawing and in the model will reflect the change in decimal places.

Only the features you redefine will change - meaning you have control over which features display 1, 2 or 3 decimal places.




New member
u can edit the *.hol file values to control the value & decimal places of the note display.


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