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.. not among File Based in Pro/Intralink.


New member

I use Pro/E 2001 and Pro/Intralink 3.0

Everytime, when I save the model, there is an Information Window which states:The following attribute definitions are not among FileBased in Pro/Intralink:..

Can anyone let me know what does it mean? Is there any way which I can stop it from appearing again?

Thank you,


In Intralink Administration window you'll see that you have to define baseline attributes, branch attributes, folders attributes, object attributes, relationship attributes, user attributes and user grup attributes.

Probably some of theese atributes are not corectly defined, for example an object attribute is defined as an folder attribute.
Specifically, you will need to define an object attribute in the Ilink admin window. You need to create an attribut tha has the same name as the one(s) coming up with errors in Pro/E and make them of type Filebased/Versioned. These attributes will then be visible within the Intralink Workspace window, and even modifiable from the WorkSpace (given appropriate permissions). This will also stop the error from appearing in Pro/E.

However, take note that if this parameter is modified, then it will be marked as modified in the Workspace (purple cross symbol) and will therfore need to be checked in to CommonSpace and will get a new version number.

Hope this helps.


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