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not able to save model after regen in WF 2

laser guy

New member
I have a rather large assembly (1.5 gig of ram). After full regen, it will not allow me to save. It just blows me out with no warning. Has anyone got any ideas, PTC CService is worthless with this one.


New member
I have always look and be advised that problems with large stuff concerning ProE can cause problems

laser guy

New member
I found a solution. I went through and regenerated things individually in the assembly mode. Then rengenerated the whole assembly. Then I saved it. It still took several minutes to save, but it worked.

The machine I am running on is a win2000 box with 2 gigs of ram with WF 2.0.

The file was large and I suspect when I went to save it, the ram usage spiked and exceeded the 2 gigs.

Thanks for the suggestions.


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