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Normal distribution in Multi-objective Design Study?


Has anyone figured out how to populate a table in the Multi-objective Design Study with a normal distribution? I would like to do some simple statistical studies without using a add-on product like CETOL.

As far as I can tell, one can only get a uniform distribution from a Monte Carlo simulation. If the distribution followed a normal distribution (also called a Gaussian distribution and commonly referred to as a bell-shaped curve) the data points are concentrated near the mean and tapers off towards the tails. See for a more detailed explanation. This is the type of distribution one commonly expects from a manufacturing process. One would know the variance (sigma2) from the manufacturing process. I am sure I could generate the population if I could import the points from Excel. But I know this can not be done. Any tips?

Best regards,

Matthew Ian Loew

PS: I posted a similar message on the forum a few days ago with no valid suggestions.


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