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No-show Parameters values in Model Tree


New member
My model tree has one column called PART_DESC (for part description). Every component within my assembly has a value for this parameter. However, when I go to create a simplified rep within a large assembly the values don't all show up. They only show up if the part has been regenerated and is in session. In Pro/E 2001 the parameters values showed up regardless of whether or not it is in session. My assembly is quite large with numerous components and creating a simplified rep is much easier when I can select based on a part desciption rather than a part number. Does anyone know a way to get the PART_DESC parameter value to display all the time regardless of whether it is in session or not? Thanks.


New member
You may try putting the parts on layers and showing the layers in the model tree. The layers will always show. The parameters cannot be filled in because the parts are not in session to get the parameters filled in.


New member
Unfortunately the assembly I'm dealing with has over 10,000 released parts in it. I've performed an expand all on the model tree then collpased it with some success. However, only the part description of assemblies (even those not in session) showed up. No part description for part files showed up.


This is WF2 bug fixed in M140 with a new config option . See below for answer:


From the Pro/E exploder this week:
"That's a bug that's fixed in WF2 M140 via the use of a newly introduced config option called "read_parameters_of_excluded" which need to be set to a value of "yes".
Dustin ..."

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