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No hardware acceleration?


New member
When I rotate and assembly, and specially when I have a part open (and the rest of the assembly is semi transparent) its very slow.

I thought that the GPU was taking care of that, but I noticed that I get 100% usage of one core and 0% GPU usage when manipulating the assembly.

The assembly is made up of 100 parts,

I used "large assembly mode" but its dont like how it looks.

Also the "use software opengl is not checked.

Maybe I need to upgrade? Never had problems before cause I didnt make large (relatively) assemblies like that

My setup is:

SW 2009 SP3
FireGL V5600, drivers: 8.632.1.2000 (Catalyst 9.7)
Core 2Duo 2.4Ghz
4gig Ram
64bit Win 7
1900x1200 +1280x1024 monitors