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No Advertising in Forums



<DIV>Advertisements within the forum topics or replies postedis not allowed on this web site. Ads, advertisements, solicitations to market products, services or to hire person(s) to perform work is not allowed. There Are No Exceptions.


Advertisement Policy and Disclosure Statements:

Ads, advertisements, solicitations to buy or sell products, perform services, etc. of any type are not allowed within the forum topics.

All members are advised that we have a "No Ads" "No Advertisement" policy within the forums on this web site. At no time nor by any means or method is any type of advertisement, solicitation, recommendation to buy or sell products or services, directly or indirectly to be made within the forums or the topics. </DIV>
<DIV>However, we do not mind if you:

...put the web address of your business in your signature file
...put your web address in your profile settings
...mention a product, company, orweb site only if it helps answer a post

The forums are intended to be used to exchange helpful problem solving methods and solutions to questions asked by members. Forums are not intended to be used as a public advertisement bulletin board. The forums are not intended to be used for the purpose of sales, advertising of product sales and or services, etc.

Unsuitable and inappropriate postings not relevant to the intent of the web site, threads containing ads, advertisements, solicitations or any such content deemed as such by the web site's staff, personnell, or the forum topic moderators will be edited or deleted without prior notice.

Kindly direct your advertising inquiriesto our advertisement department using the "Advertising" link provided on the bottom of every web page.

Do not use email communications to send ads, advertisements or solicitations to any member or moderator without their prior request to do so. Our members email addresses and Private Message {PM} services are not intended to be used for sending advertisements or solicitations of any type.

Failure tocomply with any policies and or rules, any part of such, will result in loss of membership privileges allowed on this web site without prior notice. </DIV>
On behalf of myself, the MCAD Central staff, all forum members, and moderators, we thank you for your cooperation in these matters.

Sincerely, </DIV>
Jason Turk
Administrator, MCAD Central</DIV>


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