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Newbie question: How to draw a Spring


New member
Can somebody please give me step-by-step instructions on how to draw a spring in Pro/E. The reason is I am currently trying to draw a spring/damper unit for my project. Thanks in advance
Use a Helical Sweep. Much like a regular sweep, a helical sweep consists of two parts: a profile (trajectory) and a section (cross-section).

You'll first sketch the profile, which defines the distance from the section origin of the helical feature to its axis of revolution. Then you'll enter the 2nd sketcher environment (like a sweep) and sketch the section. In your case of a spring, it's probably a circle.

In Pro/E 2001, click Insert > Protrustion > Helical Sweep.
there is another way that someone can make an extension spring, by equation :

For example read the following :

/* For Cartesian coordinate system, enter parametric


/* in terms of t (which will vary from 0 to 1) for x, y and


/* For example: for a circle in x-y plane, centered at


/* and radius = 4, the parametric equations will be:

/* x = 4 * cos ( t * 360 )

/* y = 4 * sin ( t * 360 )

/* z = 0


x = 2 * cos ( t * 360 * 4 )

y = 2 * sin ( t * 360* 4 )

z = t * 3

add 3 last lines

the number 2 representing the radius off the spiral

the number 3 pitch

the number 4 number off coils


Karavasilis V. Christos
Hello, thank you for the replies, getting there slowly, is there any chance someone could draw a simple spring for me then e-mail it to me so I can see how it was done? Or put it up on this site for download?

Thanks in advance


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