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Newbie Modeling question


New member
Hi there, I am just starting out with Pro/E, and I basically know most of the basics, but I have a question, that is probably very simple and obvious.

Just for practice, I am designing a piece of roller coaster track in the Part area of Pro/E. I can make the spine, and one cross tie that connects the running rails, but I do not know how to get the cross ties to repeat about every two feet. Here's the URL for a picture of the type of track I am designing:

So basically, I can make the spine, and one of the cross ties, but I do not know how to copy the cross ties to come up more than once along the spine.

Thanks, like I said, I am a newbie, but if someone could please help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

You may consider creating a datum point on the spline that controls the location of the first rail. Make sure this datum point is measured from the end of the spline. You can use the datum point on curve option and choose actual lenght. This should allow you to create the datum point a certain distance from the end of the spline. Now create your rail, using the point as it's reference for location. You should be able to pattern that point and the rail can be ref patterned. Once you pattern the point at the intervals that you want. Pattern the rail and as long as the point it's is only referece it should give you the option for ref pattern. It will automatically pattern the rail by the same amount of points you patterned earlier.

Hope this helps or leads you in the right direction.


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