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new_relation_ui =yes


New member
Under this new relation editor,

ive created a pattern.

In the editor, on pattern select option....

i click on my pattern in the model tree it informs me nothing has been selected.

How do you use the new_relation_ui editor to control patterns?

All i want to control is the no of instances?


To control the number of instances in a pattern, you have to Modify the pattern feature. You can do this a couple of ways.

1) Click the + next to the pattern feature in the model tree to expand all instances of the pattern. Right-click on any of the instances except the first one. You will see the number of instances used for that pattern. For example, if you have 5 instances of a hole, you will see 5 Holes. Click on the 5 and change the number.

2) From the menu manager on the right, click Modify, and then select an instance from the screen or model tree. You will see the number of instances appear on the screen. Click the number and change it.