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Has anyone tried this hidden config option? It's a better interface compared to the cascading menus but what exactly are the reasons why it remained hidden?
It's hidden because it is still experimental. It's a look it what may be the future of view creation beyond Wildfire.

If you are going to use it, then beware, there is no promises that you will not have trouble, even crash while using it..I have..
How do you configure wilfire to use this option? I tried to find the option in the but it was not availible...I wanted to give the UI a try to see if it was benificial.
This option will not become official for Wildfire. That's what PTC customer support told me. When training and updating users coming from 2001 or earlier, I show this option to give an idea what view creating will look like in next releases. Although most users might be satisfied with the functionality of the new UI I think it's not sure that views created with this option will be able to be redefined with next releases...

In order to add this config option you have to add it by opening a text editor and then open the file and add it that way.
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