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new workstation slower - has significant lag


New member
We are getting new workstations, Dell T-3610's, solid state drives, 16GB ram, Xeon E5-1603 Quad core and NVIDIA K5000 video cards, Windows 7, 64-bit. One thing we've noticed is a significant delay in Windchill 10.0 when selecting a command. For instance, in a collection dialog box for doing a rename in the workspace, if a user selects 7 out of 10 objects to remove them it will hang up with clicking the remove icon. It is about a 4-6 second delay, then it starts to execute the command. Our old workstations (T3500's) did not have this delay. We've timed opening assemblies and if it used to take 150 seconds it now takes about 170-190 seconds.

Any ideas why newer, faster hardware would be slower?

Thanks for any input.