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New at assemblies


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Hi everyone,

I am trying to piece together my bridge. I would like to make the face labelled Part A meet up with the face of Part B. Can someone tell me what contraints to put on? I can't seem to figure it out. No matter what I do, I can't get the piece to line up and touch. When I used the mate option and just highlighted the corresponding faces, it stays parallel and doesn't touch. Any advice would be welcome.

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I don't know what other contraints to put on it. I only have two.... a Mating surface and an Alignment with the top edge. Should I be using more?
Yeah, Charles Kim just nailed the problem on the head. You don't have enough constraints.

The Mate constraint doesn't mean stick these two faces on each other. Mate takes your surface normal vectors and points them in the same direction. It eliminates some of your components DOF's but not all of them. In order to get the component located exactly where you want it, you'll need at least one other constraint besides the Mate constraint, possible two other constraints depending on which constraint you use and your references.

David Martin

Torgon Industries
You normally need 3 constraints. Pro/E will sometimes assume the 3rd orientation. This is common when you align a screw with a hole, you don't care about the rotation of the screw, your 3rd constraint. There are times when you do and you must align or mate and change the Offset to state Oriented in your component placement popup window. These options under Offset are not apparent until you place your cursor in the box. I wondered for a while where Orient went until this was explained to me. Sorry, I am on UNIX and don't have a good screen capture or I would post the pull down option under the Offset column.