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Network Printing


New member
new to the world of pro/e.

would like to set up network printers using plotter configuration files (pcf's).

how do I file in the plotter command line when working with windows 2000.

Is there any more drivers available other than the ones that come with wildfire ?

I would like to set up a number of printers and not user the default system printer.

Please help a new comer.!!!!


New member
I don't know if I understand better the question, but if your problem is have the choose of a set of printers, also network printers, you have only to configure for each printer a pcf file. You can do it through the pro-e printer menu; when you choose the print command the system give you a default printer, but also the opportunity to configure (you have a button in the printer windows) a printer; so you can configure any printers do you want and save the relative pcf file. These files have to be in a directory to which point the config option


I hope this would be usefull for you




New member
but there have not all type of printer for example epson'S printer,how do I add the printer of the epson n1610 ?


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