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Network Card


New member
When i run PTC.Setup, under PTC Host ID it says 'unable to detect network card' where it normally shows cpu_id.

Why is this when my network card is installed and appears to be functioning ok?

I'm running Win XP with ProE 2001.

Can you get out on the internet?

To help ensure it is working properly, make sure TCP/IP is installed and working properly. Pro/E doesn't work well with DHCP so you may need to get a fixed IP or get a router and set the router to dhcp and set your IP address to 192..... LAN address.

What kind of card is it?

On Win2000 you can open a DOS window and type ipconfig /all and it will report the network information. Look for the line Physical Address and make sure it is filled in, this is your cpu id.
My computer is a standalone machine.

TCP/IP is installed and working properly and i can access the internet.

How do i generate a fixed ip address as i currently have a dynamic one.

My card is a Netgear FA310-TX.

When i was running Windows 98 i had no problems with installation.

When i run ipconfig/all i receive my cpu_id no problems.
I have win 2000 but I'll try to get you there. Look for Network settings. I right click on My Network Places and select properties. Then I right click my LAN connection and select propertie. Select TCP/IP and select properties. Check the Use The following IP address radio button and enter an IP address. Use for example Enter in subnet mask and in the gateway. Reboot and try to install. Yours may be slightly different. This should set it up for a fixed IP.
Richy, just out of interest did you upgrade to XP from 98. Or was it a fresh OS install?

...And are you using the Win98 or NT/2K/XP installation disc?

I'm having the same problem, but it's on a laptop and when it's disconnected from the network, the address disappears, so Pro/E can't see it...

So, a solution to your problem might be to connect it since Windows XP tries to hide the NIC when it's not in use...

So I don't know what to do to make it to stay ON

IF you have a solution please post it or mail me


This problem is descibed in the technical support on the official PTC website. Search for 'ethernet' and you will find the answer.

New windows versions are trying to 'turn of' the network adaptor when it is unplugged. Two possible sollutions: Enable the card in windows by a right mouse click and choose 'enable'. The second sollution is much more complicated where you have to edit the registry of your workstation, see


Harmen Leskens
I had the same problem installing Pro/concept.

Check that you have not disabled NetBios.

Its in the properties>advanced section of your network control panel.

Check enable then run setup again and it will show up.

Good Luck.

Hello, I found that solution already, but being a laptop it was very inconvenient, since I needed media sensing for network configuring between home/office and rest of the time.

So I found an even better alternative:

Add a new device called: Microsoft Loopback device (or something like that, my system isn't in english) is the only network adapte available from the Microsoft vendor :)

You get a new MAC address (that's the downside if you already had your license.dat made). But that's not much compared to the good things you're getting in exchange.

Maybe there might be some issues with this approach, I don't seem to find them.

(I don't know how are the MAC addresses assigned you might find a problem there in the future)

What do you think?, should we add this to the FAQ?
ViZ we had the same problem with our laptops, they had been loosing their static IP when disoconnected from the network. Try the following:

run regedit

go to


Right click on the parameters folder and press new DWORD value

as the name enter DisableDHCPMediaSense

and as data enter value of 1 in Hex mode

That should be ok
Definitely reccommend setting up a loopback adapter (google it, there are some very simple guides) before installing any PTC licensing. Disable any ethernet connections (including wifi) before installing and use the mac address of the loopback adapter (from cmd> ipconfig /all) Thanks ViZ for the post.


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