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need wire weave model or technique


New member

I am trying to create a part that appears to be a wire weave (AKA wire mesh or screen). I can create the (plain) weave but I don't know how to pattern it in two dimensions (planar part). I want to be able to adjust the rectangular dimensions of the screen and have the pattern repeat to fill the area while maintaining the mesh. Any suggestions or models would be appreciated.

<a href=>see plain weave image</a>

I can post the model upon its creation.

Thanks, Chester
Can I ask what's the application?

Generally screens and stretch metal are modeled as a single solid plate. They are differentiated by either a cross-hatch pattern of datum curves or a cosmetic hatched area.

Essentially, screens are handled like threads for the same reasons. If you model a complete screen, it will dramatically increase regeneration time.

Just curious.
I have a similar problem. I'd like some sort of representative model of expanded material. In this case it's Hexcel honeycomb core material. I've substituted a solid plate with a few representative holes because of regen times, etc. However, if a more precise model could be created I'm wondering if a shrink wrap would be a useable solution.

Bernie Hayden

Thank you mmead0ws for your reply.

The application is probably of no importance, but it is a flat particulate filter. I was trying to better convey the shape to the vendor and the in-house welder. I agree with the two replies in that the model will be too large and cumbersome for current computing speeds. I will use the hatch suggestion.


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