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Need part path not tool(center)path


New member
I have a customer who wants to have his code output partpath instead of tool center for milling. Keep in mind this has nothing to do with G41 or G42.

What I (or Customer) wants is when you mill a 1." square regardles of e-mill size he wants the 'xy' coordinates to be the part dims. not the tool dims

I have tried to change the setting in the workcenter from tool center to tool edge. This did not seem to make a difference. Also played with the option of ouput_type and changed it to tip or profile. Did not seem to make a difference either.

Any help would be appriciated.

Using 2001 (5030) on XP

Thank you



New member
Try to set all your tools to .0001"dia. - your oputput should be .0001" larger than the part, but that shouldn't be an issue.

Just my .02c


New member
I'm not certain of what your intention is though, so perhaps this is not the answer which you are seeking, but try this: NC Sequence Trajectory > Automatic Cut > Edge > SLOT OFFSET - None

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New member
You can output part geometry by changing the parameters in the operation. Pick "operation", then pick on the "nc machine". At the bottom of this window you will see a small arrow along with "cutter compensation". Pick on this and change the output to "tool edge". Now any tool using cutter comp will be output to part geometry instead of the center of the tool.



New member
Allanand all

thank you for the reply's. actually the last one (changing the cutter compensation in the workcell to tool-edge) does work. I had done that before. What thru me off was that when you are in customize it still shows it as toolcenter. The final outputis correct when you create a cl file.

Thanks everybody for the reply