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Need help with custom .hol files


New member
I've been trying to combine my metric and english .hol files. I've got the merged file I called ALL.hol Now, what was the config option to point the Insert>hole function at the new file.

The only thing I can find is hole_parameter_file_path and that doesn't seem to do the trick.

Bernie Hayden



1. What build code are you using? There are some issues prior to Pro/E 2001, build 2000410.

2. Do not change the original .hol charts in the <load point>/text/hole directory. Just make a copy and point to the new file with the option hole_parameter_file_path.

3. Create hole charts as space-delimited text files with names in the following format:


where '????' is a string of no more than four characters that appears in the Thread Series list box in the HOLE dialog box (for example, UNC), and is usually the thread series for the chart.

4. You must restart Pro/E for the changes to take effect.

Hope this helps!