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Need help regarding ProE and ProM Student Version


New member
Hi All,

I am a student doin my masters and I am have to learn ProMechanica for my thesis project.So, I am planning to buy the student version ProE and ProM. If anyone has bought this earlier can U please reply for this mail. I want to know whether the student version will have all the features as that of commercial version or whether it will have some


Since I am a student spending $150 is not so easy for me. Hence I wanted to make sure before I buy it.

Thanks in advance

I have recently purchased the Pro/E & Pro/M Student Edition bundle for US$150.

As far as I can tell, it has got everything the commercial package has, except that Pro/M can only be run in Integrated Mode, not in Independent Mode, which means you can analyse just about everthing you can model in Pro/E, but possibly not as efficiently in some cases as you can do with Independent Mode.

Pro/M SE comes with Static (Linear and Non-Linear), Thermal (Static and Transient), Motion, Dynamics, etc - so far, I have certainly not run out of options! Great value for anyone wanting to learn both packages.

Also, remember that the SE files are not interchangeable with the commercial version.

Hope this helps.


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