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Need help altering a batch file


New member
I recently used a technique that gives Pro/E the ability to export a drawing file as .PDF file.. The files are exported as the same name as the drawing file... The Drawing file name is for instance YTX2345-302.drw

The batch file then creates YTX2345-302.plt and then converts that into YTX2345-302.PDF

I don't suppose any of you might know a way to change the batch file so that it will delete the (-) out of the output file name???? So that the file exported would read YTX2345302.PDF


I don't have a answer for you but i'm interested in your topic, canyou tell me some more about that. Is it a batch file from PTC ?

Br Thomas
The batch file I recieved from one of the formus on this site (chech out the popular topics areas).

It's utility that uses ghost script. You add a menu to Pro/E, add a mapkey and it runs the routine when you print. Your given the option now to convert your .plt file to a .pdf on the fly and send it to any destination.

The problem I have is that I need the input file name to be altered for the output file name... I'm not a script writer so I'm kinda stuck.

Does that help any?
After the line

set outname=%inname:.plt=.pdf%

You need to add the following new line

set outname=%outname:-=%

This should remove the - from your file name

hope this helps


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