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Need help altering a batch file


New member
I recently used a technique that gives Pro/E the ability to export a drawing file as .PDF file.. The files are exported as the same name as the drawing file... The Drawing file name is for instance YTX2345-302.drw

The batch file then creates YTX2345-302.plt and then converts that into YTX2345-302.PDF

I don't suppose any of you might know a way to change the batch file so that it will delete the (-) out of the output file name???? So that the file exported would read YTX2345302.PDF

It depends how different your filenames are.

If the drawing filename is always similar, you could add a line to the batch file like:

ren ???????-302.pdf ???????302.pdf
Thank you for your reply but I have already recieved an answer. by adding set outname=%outname:-=% this elimintaes any (-) from the outname regarless of where they are. Thank you for your help.


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