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NC Machining - Outer Part of stock defini


New member
I'm into Catia for some years and into NC machining for about 1 year.

I'm using an 3-axis mill and i have some experience on CNC and i have already manufactured a lot of parts.

But i have a problem that i can't find a solution.

I'm using the roughing feature from the surface machining workbench to
rough machine the part. The problem is that i usually have big blocks of
aluminum that i machine smaller parts from it. So i define a stock, a
bit larger than the part i need to machine and input the assembly of
the part and stock into the catia machining workbench. When it starts
to cut the piece, the cutter tries to start from "outside" of the stock
(although there is material there) and as a result the cutter breaks.

Is there an option to tell the machine to always start into the stock?
Ok, I see your problem.
You try to use roughing. at that you can see in Machining mode:--> You use Pocket only
Or you can use Limiting Contour. In Roughing you can use ramping 3deg to rough

good luck to you!

Dao Van Hung


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