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NC Guru's II


New member
Hi again,

Just as i solve one problem another pops into my life. I have noticed that when processing some of the jobs with nc the post has shown the error Arc endpoints do not coincide After close investigation i have found that the rads in the part have broken endpoints. Is there a way to fix this ?

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New member
This looks to me like an imported "iges" or "step" file. If it is, you will have to redefine this feature, and manually repair the geometry by fixing the surface"boundaries".

To do this, you need to repair all surfaces that use this edge. When you select each surface and this boundary, you will notice "tick marks along the curve of the boundary. Delete each piece along the damaged edge, create one "projection" by selecting the adjoining surface. Then connect it to the rest of the boundary and pick "done". Do the same to the adjoining surfaces. You may have to repair each surface boundary several times until you get one complete edge between the 2 vertices.

This will give you a complete radius from one endpoint to the other.