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My Very First Project on Catia

Cool nice green graphics too, and the part looks slick!

What other cad system have you used? and how do they compare to Catia is that v5 or v6?

Thanks for complements. I can use Pro/E, Catia V5, UG, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Inventor and others.
Catia off course.
It has the maximum tools available in any one CAD specially in surface modelling. Catia simplifies the surface modeling by adding too much tools. Next is Pro/E.
But I had used a lot. Wildfire 3 is really good and I think 4 is improving too much. Specially mold designing is too good.
If you could take the sketcher and assembly from Pro/E and put it in Catia..
that would be a smokin' package.


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