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My puzzle of Pro/Mechanica


New member
There are someone that so kind to tell me the key?

1 When I use the ...\bin\ptcsetup.bat file to intall Pro/Mechanica I found the file c ould not run .( My computer system is windows2000.) There no responding interface .why?

2 when I open the <materials> menu in the Pro/Mechanica enviroment why there are no meterial dialogue panel appears?

Luis Aguirre

New member
Do you have permisionto read and write in the ....\bin\ directory. Are you loging as administrator? What version of proE are you running? You may need to reinstall the software.
Edited by: Luis Aguirre


New member
I do have the permision to read and write .when the file is running there are only one black screen flashes on my computer.I've reinstall this software(pro/e wildfire