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Multiple Users


New member
Does anyone know if WF2.0 has resolved having multiple users with the same file open? I am specifically talking about making a change to a part or assembly and saving it, only to have it overwritten by someone else who saves another assembly which contains the modified part or assembly.

Thank you.


New member
I do not believe they intend to ever change this functionality. If two people change the same feature in different ways, how would pro/e know what change to accept?

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if you work in the same database in two different geographical region and the servers are not perfect sincronise?

For now we prefer to work verry carefully



New member
Our company had a demonstration of SolidWorks and they showed howmultiple people can work on the same parts/assemblies. They also showed a selection that can be indicated to check for new versions of a part or assembly with the option to check every minute up to every hour. One of our product lines uses family tables for the components and we want to allowmultiple people to be working on different orders of that product at the same time. Read only access is a simple feature that you can find in Excel, Word, etc. which allows one user to be working on a file while allowing another user read only access to the last time it was saved. Once the user working on the file has saved their changes and exited, the other user now has full access to the file. Working very "carefully" is not an option, and investing in Intralink for an issue with just one of our many products is not feasible.


New member
Of course is not an apinion

There are softaware free by Internet

Every major company who whorks in different geographic region Know that

If you nee d example i can ask what our system administrater use

Don t forget

Not only PTC must resolve that problem

What i try to tell is to keep others precaution metods

Is usefull



New member

Solidworks is demonstrating their PDM functionsthat PDMWorks has, this is just another module that you can get with Solidworks. PTC has Intralink and does all that you describe and more to enable concurrent engineering.

Believeme thatSolidworks will have an issue if two people change the same feature on the same part and then try to synch their change.



New member

The feature that was shown is a standard part of basic SolidWorks, not an add on feature, we made sure to get explicit clarification of that. Intralink, while a possible solution, comes with many issues of it's own as one of our designers with past experience has made us aware of. Besides that, it costs $$$$$. I don't want to have to continue to keep parts I've changed in memory until anyone else who may be working on similar parts is done before I do a final save and clear it from memory. Syncronizing changes is an advanced feature and I realize that it may never be part of a foundation package, but allowing read only access so that someone can detail part drawings for a product while I continue to work on it is something that is becoming a necessity to us.


New member

The functions you describeare part ofPDMWorks, butPDMWorks is part of their base Office package which I'm sure was demo'd.

Intralink is not as expensive as you think. And not all end users understand the value of PDM, theyonly see it as limiting what they can do. Itralink is also a mature product and has fewer "issues" than previous versions. We have many happy references if you ever need to talk to someone.

If working without this functionalty is costing you time, then there is a ROI associated with implementing PDM (Intralink) and this should be explored.

If Solidworks has PDM in their base Office package then you should look at the ROI involved with switching and implementing Solidworks/PDMWorks.

Regards, Rick


New member

As this is a ProE forum, I am within my bounds in inquiring about features comparable to ProE and SolidWorks. If you read the whole thread, you will see that my question is regarding ProE, but I mention SolidWorks because our company has had exposure to both and I am trying to give feedback regarding one over the other for a future acquisition. So, before you tell someone to go somewhere else, know all the information first.


New member
If you try to work from a common realtime database a blatantly obvious
problem will occur if one user is insert mode on a model when another
user tries to read it in. The children of the suppressed items will
fail. The more users sharing the database, the more likely the problem
is to occur. Hoping that PTC will "fix" the "problem" is a pipe dream.

Having the working files of all users on a common server is a technique
invented by IT people to make their life easier. In the real world it
makes life for CAD users a pain however it is perfectly possible to
work around it for a finite number of users WITHOUT resorting to the
significant overheads of PDM software.

There are several key ideas that need to be grasped but once you do it
is not that hard to implement however it does take a system
administrator with a few clues.

The key concepts are.

Don't attempt to share files in real time but make it easy to get the most up-to-date files.
The "master" copies of files do not need to reside on the server
You must establish the principle of file/project/library ownership.

If you have
to modify someone else's file, you must have a process of checking it
out and re-submission back to the owner but it doesn't have to be as
complicated as Intralink's


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