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Multiple Units Setup- English vs. Europea


New member
Hello ....I have a question regarding the configuraton of multiple units in Pro-E wildfire 1.

Background: We share pro-e data with our parent company in Europe who uses metric units (kg, mm, Nm, Cetc.) Our company, in the USA, uses all US standard units (lbs,ft/lbs, F, etc.)except for length, which we use millimeters also. We both use our own set of standards.

The problem: When we create a domestic version of apart created in Europe, the units are in mm, kg, & C. When we create the drawing, our format is reading the relation and parameter created in Europe, thus giving us a weight in kg. The same happens in reverse when the Europeans use our parts.

The question: Is there a way to create and toggle the two unit configurations useed by each company or write a relation or parameter that converts the European units to US standards so that these values will update correctly and automatically?

Right now we are taking the output value in kg,from the analysis command and converting the value into lbs.

Any help is appreciated!
You can switch your units, but no toggle. If you want you can show
secondary units on the drawing, but I would do as you've done and
have the extra parameter for weight in lbs.


New member
Well the problem is really this. When we use a part created in Europe. The mass units are in kg. Our relation is set as gewicht=mp_mass("").......(gewicht is german for weight). There is a weight cell in our format which is named &GEWICHT[.2]

Because the part was originally created in metric units...gewicht is displayed in kg instead of lbs. For these parts created in Europe where the mass units are already defined in kg, can we write a relation to say, "take the weight in kg and multiply it by 2.2046 to equal lbs? Something like ....gewicht=mp_mass("")*2.2046? What would be the proper format to allow this to work correctly? Is there another option that would be easier?

If you're using WF2 you don't need to use that relation anymore and use
the the parameter PRO_MP_MASS so your relation could indeed be

Remember to use the generate report to update your mass properties as
this functionality has changed. the analysis->mass props doesn't