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multiple part balloons


New member
How do I create multiple part balloons in a drawing of an assembly. For instance an assembly contains 5 bushings. Can I click a view so pro E calls out all 5, without qty balloons.
When showing the balloons from a repeat repion table for assembly that is the current model, once the repeat region has been asigned WITH QTY the ballons may be shown per view, or per part and view etc. If the quantity total is 5, then you may manually split, detach, merge, and/or redistribute (one or more at a time) until you have the individual items ballooned. Each one will be sharing the common item number with the reflected quantity under the item number in the same balloon.

Another way to answer your question and to probably confirm your suspiscions, is that NO, you may not show individual NON-QTY (SIMPLE) balloons for each (repeated or multiple) component per view(s).

I also do NOT recommend adding balloons (of the same min/max radius) to the view aiding your effort to define the repeated parts. Why? Because should anyone reorder the parts in the assembly, or apply a FIX INDEX to the repeat region, or delete a component earlier than your balloon number the interactive balloon NUMBERS will re-order, while your added balloons (or equivalently created symbols that look like a balloon, maybe with an elbow, or additional relevant variable text...) will not update and you will have a checker's nightmare! When the balloons shown do not agree with the parts list, it can be difficult to qualify/quantify what is real, and what is causing the confusion. It is usually the other guy who mashed something in to the drawing just to get it to look right that was temporarily safe. Then you are assigned the ECN or drawing update to do and YOU run into a nasty confusing mess

So, either get along with ONE non-quantity balloon per view (or per assembly), or use the WITH QUANTITY balloons with the appropriate split (and/or merge, detach, distribution) balloons.

I hope this explanation helped.

Another option is to use custom balloons - from symbols.

We've found that if you specify a symbol that you can show multiple balloons for each part.

- Use a circle containing rpt.index and using a radial leader.

Beware that the circle diameter will not change if you use a symbol.



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