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multiple linkage positions on drawing


New member
hi all,

i have a linkage assembly, for which i have created a drawing. i need to show extreme positions of the linkage in a single view. that is, one extreme position will have default line styles and the other extreme position will have a different line style. i do not want to create family table of the assembly and also i dont want to have one view overlayed on an another.

can anyone help me out ??



if u have mechanism.

you could just take "snap shots" of the correct positioning and then use them in the drawing file.


New member
thanks puppet... but thats not the answer

however, if you create snapshots and use them in the drawing, i can only create one view for each of the position. my question is to create only one view which shows two (or may be three)different positions of the link.

for example, i need to show the position of a pendulum at two extreme positions when it swings and may be a vertical position when it is stationary. i need only one drawing showing the static components in default line style and the moving part a different positions in different line style.


New member
puppet, you are not getting my point. i need only one view in only one drawing which can show two positions of a linkage.

check the image below. i need to show the movable part in its two different positions on ONLY one drawing view without any overlay or draft entities. does pro/detail or pro/mechanism has such a feature ??

View attachment 702

thanks for your help puppet..., but more help needed


New member

Probably you can try Datum Curve option! Create a datum curve using the edge of your Link. In the drafting mode rotate the curve to the required angle so that for one position you will have the orginal link and in the other position a datum curve represnting the link in rotated direction. I am really not sure this answers your question but hope this helps!

Have a productive Week!




New member
hi mons, how are you doing ??

thanks for your reply, but that doesnt solve the problem. what if you have more than one component as a moving parts in the linkage.

puppet, we can get views using overlay, but its tough to move around the views to put one exactly on top of other. also, i am not sure whether we still require to save two different drawings of the same linkage assembly. and is there a way we can overlay one view exactly on an other with respect to some points/edges.


off the top of my head u can align your drawing views to a point or edge.

if all else fails and its a one off its a 3 second fix in autocad :)

just import the 2 drawings and u can easily move them to overlay perfectly



Set the linkage in one position, use the "use edge" command to make draft entities of the stuff that is going to move, change the linestyle of the draft entities, then set the linkage to the other extreme. Only problem is you will have to do it all over again if your parts change.