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Multiple gear mechanism???


New member
Hello I'm a student from Romania.I've made my school project that involves makinga gear shifter with 5 different gear ratios.

My problem is: I'm in the mechanism and i'm trying to define a new set of gears,when I'm picking a gear the program selects all 4 gears and the shaft(4 gears are fixed on the shaft the other 4 aren't)What sould I do( the gears are helical so the mechanism must be gears not cam(I'm not sure).

Please help me,I've learned by my self all that I know.So your explications must be completeso thatI could understand. Thanks

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New member
what you mind define a new set of gear?

i m not sure what kind of connection you made in your assemblly

i hope the gear are assemblled individually with shaft

May be sound stupid but the gears are assembled with connection between???

Also my question is :is the first time you try to simulate something in mecanism?

because assembly is must buildWITH connections

Sorry if i m wrong

I just try to understand corect your problem


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New member
Is not the first time i'm trying to simulate something with a mechanism.

4 gears are assembled with connections(pin), 4 are connected without pin connection because,there are fixed on the shaft. I know what connections are (I've learned from tutorial and help by my self. Te proble is that when I'm trying to pick one of the gears(fixed on the shaft) the program selects all the 4 gears and the shaft.The pitch diameter is different for every gear)

So..... :))