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multiple copy


Active member
I hav got two problems:

1). How to mirror copy a blend feature?

2). I want to copy an added extrusion to one side of the cube to all the remaining 5 sides of the cube. I tried but failed.

Please help me if you can.
try using surface transform for the blend feature.

You could probably use it again for your second problem if you create a surface copy of the extruded feature then transform it.

your first prob is too simple u can copy a blend feature as u copy other features . feature copy ......

any prob mail me

Hai Isar,

Feature>Copy>New Refs>Independent>Select the feature. Then use the same dimensions. Say you have the feature on the right of the cube and want to copy it to the top. When it asks for the alternate sketching plane > choose the top plane. For the horizontal reference choose the corresponding horizontal reference (say, for top choose right). For vertical reference, choose the corresponding plane (say, for front plane choose the same). Then give ok. It is better if the sections are drawn independently without using Use Edge-otherwise the corresponding edges have to be selected using alternate references.


S Rajesh


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