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Multiple bulk items in an assembly


New member
Some of our assembly models are incredibly large, and one thing we have done to speed up regen time is to NOT include fastener models (e.g. screws, washers, etc). Up until now we have just been adding notes to the assembly drawings pointing out the locations of the fasteners, but generating the BOM table can take some time.

I thought that BULK ITEMS may help us here. I know that they will show up in the assembly BOM, which would make generating assembly and the BOM table much quicker. However, is there a faster way to add multiple bulk items of the same type? I find that it seems a tad tedious to continually repeat the creating of the same bulk item.

If anyone could post a method to accomplish this it would be greatly appreciated.
Don't repeat the bulk item. Create a repeat region relation and write an if statement to set the quantity of the 1 bulk item. something like

if asm_mbr_type == BULK ITEM or the model name == bolt

Qty = AR or enter total


Qty = rpt_qty


Now edit the repeat region and add Qty as a user defined param to the Quantity column.
It seems that you are wasting more time in the drawing than you would be in regeneration time in the model. You can always use Simplied Reps to increase regeneration time in the model. You would have the advantage of an accurate and parametric drawing/BOM and faster regeneration time in the model.
Also, I assumed you already tried Simplified reps but in case you didn't. Try Simplified Reps, thats what they are for just create a rep that excludes all the hardware. Also you can create Envelope parts or shrinkwrap parts/features to speed up your machine. If you don't have the AAX module then use the BOM relation.


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