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Multi-section surface, area control


New member
I'm learning CATIA V5 after years using Pro/E. As a test for myself, I'm trying to re-create one of my toughest Pro/E designs in CATIA.

In Pro/E there is a feature called "swept blend" which is a blend (with as many intermediate sections as you need) swept along a center curve. The analog of this in CATIA seems to be the "Multi-sections Surface". There is only one problem. The surface I am creating is a duct and needs a specific relationship between cross-sectional area and position along the length of the duct. In Pro/E the swept blend feature can have an "area graph" associated with it which accomplishes this nicely. In CATIA I can find no such option.

Everybody says CATIA is better than Pro for surfacing... somebody please prove it and help me out here!
U can use workbench

shape > generative shape design

That many thing feature or surface creation.

Blend surface can U use on this workbench, and many operation is powerful. The area grapf U will also find on there.

U can also use multysection surface, but U muse define the correct line/curve as a guide.
I am using generative shape design.

Blend surface only allows for two sections (I need more than 2)... and I do not see area graph there.

I do not see area graph anywhere else in the GSD workbench either. Perhaps you could be more specific?



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