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Multi Line Text


New member
I have a Border with a cell where I want the Title (parameter) to be in it.

How can I tell ProE to put on two line if the text is too long...


Pro/E 2001 has a Wrap Column function. This should force Pro/E to add a new line of text if the text line becomes too long for a single line. I believe that you can access this functionality by simply selecting in the table cell and holding down the Right Mouse Button. The option for wrapping the text should appear in the list that is displayed when using the RMB functionality.
enter the note in a full note area where u can manually place your text according to your wish i hope this solution will satisfy even the begineers
you can two params, desc_line1 and desc_line2 and use them in .frm The aligning(vertical) can be done later which suites single line desc and double line desc.

you can have another param description to be used in intralink or windchill. this will have both the lines of description. that is description=desc_line1+desc_line2


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