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MS Visual C++ runtime error & Intralink 3.1


New member
Have had Intralink 3.1 running for several months now on WinNT 4.0 machine and Windows 2000 server. Came back from Christmas shutdown only to find we can't export our Legacy files out of Intralink. Our ProE users can not save a copy of thier work outside of Intralink. All are getting a

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error stating

Program: D:\ptc\proe2001\i486nt\obj\mdimpex.exe experienced an abnormal program termination.

Has anyone seen this and is there a work around. Our illustrious management decided NOT to renew our maintenance contract this year.
I'm not 100% sure this will solve your problem, but check in the variable PATH (under control panel - system) that their are no references to any PTC product in a folder with space(s) in the name like 'program files'. Oracle (INTRALINK) cannot handle filenames and paths with spaces.
system variables are all what they should be. I believe this is a Win2000 Server problem. Our IT dept pushes regular OS upgrades, and I suspect they did something that Intralink didn't like. We're out of luck now that we don't have a maintenance contract I can't check the PTC knowledge base. Thanks for replying.
Try looking at this:

When Attempting To Import Or Export Objects In a Workspace, Returns The Error: Runtime Error!Program: \i486_nt\obj\mdimpex.exe. abnormal program termination. The .proi.log has the error message: MDIMPEX ERROR : wrong usage:...

Product Pro/INTRALINK Module PRO/WORKSPACE TPI ID 111328 Created 01-NOV-01

Workstation Reported In Release 3.0 Reported In Datecode 2001021

SPR None Resolved In Release Resolved In Datecode



When attempting to import or export objects in a Workspace, returns the error:

Runtime Error!

Program: C:\ptc\ProE2001\i486_nt\obj\mdimpex.exe

abnormal program termination

The .proi.log has the error message:

MDIMPEX ERROR : wrong usage: \i486_nt\obj\mdimpex -connect apdmpi_dll.dll............

This can be caused if the TMP variable value has spaces in it.

Alternate Technique


Set the TMP variable value to a value without spaces in it.



This issue will be resolved if a future release of Pro/INTRALINK.


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