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MS 5 button Mice Tip


New member
I have a MS Optical mouse, I think its called the Explorer it is similar to the sexy swoopy shaped righthanded mice but hand neutral. Unlike Logitech, MS doesnt QUITE understand that a small but creative subset of us are lefties. (RANTMODE =NO)Oh yeah I had a tip...

This series of mice add two left and right side buttons, if you go into the mouse Advanced Button Settings panel of the driver and choose XTOP.EXE as the ap from your pro/e dir you can program the two side buttons.

I have mine set to

KEYSTROKE (CTRL+A) This activates the window

KEYSTROKE (CTRL+W) This drops down the Window menu in pro/e and then I can pick the drw, prt or asm I want to work on.

not much but it helps when I have a lot of windows open.
Another leftie!! I remember having a discussion with Microsoft a few years ago, and they were trying to convince me that the 'swoopy' design was suitable for left and right-handed users.

Yeah, right .... (or should that be left?!)

Hey, nice tip, minor rant.

I had to program mine with Alt+W to get the window menu. I think this is standard behavior for all versions of MS Windows, I'm using Windows2000. Now that I know how to do it maybe I can find some other useful things to do with those buttons besides forward & back in an Explorer window.

One side note, you have to activate Enable program-specific button settings to get the Settings option to appear (at least with my version of the driver).
Once you start with the program specific deetings it gets fun, for instance I programed my wheel middle button to CLOSE in IE that way I can just tap it to get rid of pop ups.

I went to PTC headquarters yesterday for a NEPUG meeting and Wildfire seminar, I think I like it. The new mouse buttons will take a while to get used to, but I like the selection tools and dashboard.


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