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Moving lines & tables together in WF2 M08


New member
Hi all,

I can't figure this out. I'm working on a drawing tree. It consists of tables (boxes of info about each drawing) and lines that connect them (draft entities).

Maybe I've missed a click along the lines somewhere...
I've tried the following with no luck.

Selecting each line and table separately:
Only moves the item you're over when you start your move

Select window:
Tables don't keep their relationship with the lines

Move icon:
Doesn't select the tables

Highlights table text and lines but only moves lines
This option has no undo

What am I doing wrong?



New member
Tables are special in ProE. When selecting your first click is the cell, the second click selects the table. Selecting lines and then selecting the table by twice clicking it reveals the following :

"This item cannot be moved when multiple items are selected."

So you're out of luck in multiselect.

Looking for alternative ways you'll find that a table is not an entity you can connect to, also not when "remembering parametric relations".

The final alternative that I could think off is creating leaders to tables but then ProE protests with :

"A related detail entity may not host entities of its own."

Guess I'm out of ideas in table solutions.

Workarounds ?

You might create boxes and lines as parametric sketch, that would at least keep their connections alive. Notes don't attach to sketched entities in a drawing, but symbols do. So you could create a symbol which is essentially (variable) text only, and attach instances of this symbol to the drawn lines. The symbol moves with the lines.