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Moving an Assy Level Cut to the Part Level


New member
I figured out how to make an assembly level cut (extrude -> remove material), now I need to know how to move it to the piece part level. Can anybody help me, please?

Steve C
Edit the definition (or redefine, if you're in 2001) of the assembly level feature, and from the Intersected Parts option, select part level, and select the part in which you want to make the assembly level feature visible. (Personally, I've never done this in Wildfire, but it works fine in previous software versions.)

This way you'll be able to depict the cut in part drawings. Be aware this makes the part dependent on the assembly. Essentially, Pro/E creates a family table in the part, in which one instance has the cut, and the other does not.

David Martin

Torgon Industries
Thanks, Dave. I got some help from of the other fine users on ProE Central, on the telephone and he, Gene Lafferty, stepped me right through it. It is about the same in WF, BTW.

Steve C