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Moving 2 object(1st-moving 2nd)???


New member
Is there a way to animate 2 gear wheels,made in Pro E 200i?? Or I need a newer version??

If it's possible please tell me how?? what constrains sould I apply to them

I've designed thecog wheels of a gear shifter(school year project) and I want to see if they are rotating without hiting one each other(tooth on tooth)??

Excuse my english.


New member
Wildfire 1.0 has gear movement, sort of cheezy because you have to index the teeth sort of manually by rotating them in place but that might have changed, I haven't been on Mechanism for a while.


New member
OK 10x I will try it but first I need to get the Pro E wildfire,becauseI have old version of Pro E 2000i.Someone promised me he will deliver it to me till monday but I dont know

10x anyway,I will try monday to move them :)

arlo blair CAS

New member
Set your gear teeth upusing 'cams' in mechanism (any version) but make sure that the gear teeth are plannar surfaces, with no draft angle and they will run fine.

Good luck.