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Movies for SmartElectrode

Yes, it was done with Pro/Toolkit! ; )

You may send your email to me if you want tp find out more info about this product.


It is similar to the electrode design technics that I have developed, but I don't have the nifty user interface.
I have received lot of reply from Mold Designers and thanks for your good words.

some of you may not be able to view the movies, I would suggest you to install CAMTASIA, it's a free movie player program.

Let me know if you can't find this movie player program and I will send the link to you.

Hi All,

I have received lots of emails asking me if SmartElectrode works with Pro/E 2001, the answer is YES.

SmartElectrode works very well with Pro/E 2001 as well as Pro/E Wild Fire.