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can any body tell correct method of split using mold wizard

corrently i am using unparametrised spliting


You need toSUBDIVIDE the faces of your part model in your part model file using edit->face->subdivide, or You could do it in the parting file itself. This works well and you well and it will not remove parameters.

Normally I rename the customer part file to (mp for master part) and then create a file xxx.prt and add the file to it and creat an ass'y. once I have the z level set correctly in this file and in mold postion I will wave link the file to the xxx file. Replace the ref set on the mp file to empty so that it will not load the next time you open this file. And once I have the file linked I will do my subdividing here. That way if the customer sends a new part I just have to add it to the ass'y and edit the wave link to the new part, and as long as they did not change any of the faces that you needed to subdivide they will update them selves.

If you have any more Q's let me know I have been running Mold Wizard for about 4 years now and have completly customized it to my needs.
I have not used mold wizard, but I can recommend the following poor mans method. It will"split" one body into 2 without removing parameters.

Extract a copy of the body (Insert>Form Feature>Extract). Check at timestamp.
Trim the original body (Insert>Feature Operation>Trim).
Trim the extracted body with the same sheet, reversing the trim vector.
HI NEED help

im an eng student, and i need to use NX3 to make a working mechanisim, which has sliders, joints, motors with specific torque, how can I start up on NX3, buidling and designing my model. do you know any website with good step by step tips?



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