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Mold design


Does anyone know of a method of adding a scaling factor to a part's family table? My problem is that I use a scaled merged part to 'cut away' the cavities when producing mold tooling. So although I have my scaled part, I never actually see the scaled dimensions, i.e. if I created a drawing of my merge, I would never be able to show the scaled dimensions. So what I woul like to do, rather then scaling my merged part would be to create a famiy table instance member and apply a scaling factor to it. Whichever way I do it, I need to keep associativity. Anyone any ideas?

Thanks, PJW
This functionality requires one of: Pro/MOLDESIGN Pro/MOLDESIGN-2 is the message I get eith basic license (Pro/E foundation 2)
I know that, you need pro/mould module.

but if you want to cheat it is some ways:

- make a new units system and put your scale. (easy but dangerous)

- modify -> scale model (but you have only one general scaling, like above)

- re-design part using references by datum curves after that use Datum -> Offset curves (it's working but I don't recomand this)

- make one UDF library with your part shape, but when you import: Group -> UDF Library -> UDF driven/or/ Independent -> User Scale ... (but you will have same problem, only general scale factor)

- convinced your boss to buy the module: Pro/E mould.

hope to have something here ... if not, write to me:

[email protected]


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