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Modify drawing note


New member
Has anybody used ProDtlnoteModify to change a drawing note that contains $sym(). I have a protoolkit routine that works fine if the note does not contain $sym. It also works fine for a note that I have just created using ProDtlnoteCreate even if it contains $sym(). However, Pro/E error terminates if I modify an existing note that the user has selected if it contains $sym(). Any help would be greated appreciated.
Hello Ronx,

Can you plz explain in details what the $Sym().Is the note contains the symbol or it is a parametic.Let sate what exactly you are looking to modify is it a normal note or Symbol with varibale text.

When you want to modify the note text,there is a process to be follwed.Need to get get the notedata,notelines,notetext.Need to perform the ProArray functions and try to modify the text with yours.

Look into the PTC Sample code it gives enough idea how to get the note text.

With regards,

Kishore V
It is &sym not $sym. It is parametric note. ie &sym(surface) to set the surface type. My update routine is modeled after PTC's sample code. I am creating standard notes from external text files. A standard note is created using input from an external file. The external file contains &sym(surface) along with other text. My code creates the note and uses a "modify" routine to add the external file contents to the note. This works fine. However, using another option the user can select an existing note and add a standard note from an external file. When a user selects an existing note as well as an external file containing &sym(surface)and the same "modify" routine used above is ran, Pro/E error terminates when ProDtlnoteModify is executed. If the external file does not contain &sym(), everything works fine.

I think your code working fine if it can read text from external file to modify.Where as if user select the note and how does he add a text from external files.If is pure manual action,how do you continue with Toolkit application there after.

I think for user selection you might be used the ProSlect() then once you get the note hadle, what are you going to process further.Can you explain the flow of the program how do you approach the external file,either automation or user go the external file and select the text.

Let me know your core requirement so that i can help you out.

If require you can call 919900562990.

Kishore V
Hello RonX,
I haven't tried &sym(), but I had a similar problem when I tried to write &view_name or &view_scale to a note. ProE terminated in such a case. I had to report it to PTC, they promised to fix this in WF4.
Maybe you have to open PTC call as well. If it works with other text, there will not be probably a mistake in your routine.
I have logged a problem with PTC. I am working on a simple version of the code for PTC now. The user selects a note and an external file. The code updates the note with text from the external file.


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