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New member
Dear Sir,

please tell me whether I can do 2D modelling (area) in proe and export as an DXF file

waiting for reply

You can model in Pro/E, then create a drawing and export this as a DXF.

If you just want to use 2D, you could use a sketched datum curve.

To make a DXF:

Pro 2001 - File > Save A Copy > DXF

Pro 2000i2 - File > Export > DXF

Note - The display mode usually has to be Shaded to get a DXF out.
Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply

But I am using proe 2000i version, so there is no save a copy

menu, can you please help


Sarat Kumar Dash
help me to learn pro Engineer right from the basic with free downloads of tutors and manuals.

waiting for ur reply
In 2000!, same as Pro 2000i2 as proed metioned.

File > Export > Model > DXF

You can find your DXF file in you working directory.


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