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Modeling of Spring


New member
The feature you are looking for is located in INSERT > Helical Sweep
> Protrusion. You can make a round sketch (wire) and wrap it
around the desired axis. To make the hooks, use a sketched sweep

Hope this helps



New member
The propblem I am facing is that I am not able to connect the ends of Helical sweep and Hook in a smooth manner.


New member
There are a number of tutorials out that explain how to constrain the datum curves at the ends so they are tangent (G1 or G2 classification) to your helical curve. You can create datum planes at the endpoints, then create a datum axis that goes through the helix endpoint and is perpendicular to your datum plane. Then create a datum curve that is aligned to the datum axis.


download an extension spring from the files > others directory here in mcadcentral.com, then play about with the dimensions etc to get what you want.



New member
The other way to create it is use a curve wrapped around a surface, and than sketch to continue the curve at the ends. You will need to use relations to make sure that the curve ends at the correct spots. Once you do this you can sweep a solid around the curve.